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I ordered back on May 15th the bamboo trim (which I received) and the rear bumper protector (about $72). The expected ship date on my rear bumper protector is showing as July 5th. Anyone out there that ordered before me have an earlier ship date and received it or had an earlier ship date and hasn't received it yet? Also, I notice this part is no longer listed on their website to order. Also, looking at the parts page, noticed a cool part...a color keyed to your car front upper grill trim piece that comes in the color of your car. They are $196...looks pretty nice...not sure if I hate the silver chrome piece enough to spend $200 to get rid of it. If anyone has ordered this or it a plastic piece that covers up the silver or is it some sort of tape that sticks on to cover it up...and, if it looks bad can it be removed easily? Post pics if you have it...I'd like to see one on a real car other than the one on Sewell's site.
Request a refund. You will not see the till christmas. Then just reorder. Don't forget sewell have your money. If you search you will find my post entitled anyone waiting for lower moldings and rear bumper protector.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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