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  • Matt_RN ·
    Oooo. Yeah. I manage that website. Thanks for stopping by. No rubbing issues. All my fenders have been rolled.
    FlorestudioCT ·
    Hey Matt... Saw your car on the Supreme Society site... VERY COOL! I was wondering if you had any issues with your wheel set up, any rubbing?

    saxamaphone ·
    Hey Matt, do you know of any Lexus friendly body shops in the Southland? I live in LA, but would be happy to come to the South Bay. Our brand new CT200h had an unfortunate encounter with a pole. Nothing serious, but the back bumper has a bit of a shiner. Just thought I'd ask since you seem to be pretty active on these boards & live near me.

    Princevince561 ·
    Hey Matt, I'm thinking about getting f sport springs and f sport sway bar. Do you think it's necessary to get a sway bar for the ct? Also, is it tacky getting f sport badges on a non fsport ct?
    Beezbreezy ·
    hey matt, how does your tanabe coilovers ride vs stock vs road magnet springs? I took my road magnet out because of NY potholes...I want to go for coilovers but want to know if it'll be better than the road magnets. I want to go close to stock as possible while lowering it.
    Matt_RN ·
    The Injen intake is super easy to install. Practically bolt-on. No programming required. The vehicle will relearn and adjust on its own.
    gsbutton ·
    Matt, I am interested in the Injen air intake. Where can I get one and are they terribly difficult to install? I have been working on cars for a while but never one like this. All the ones I have worked on are carbarated and old. Dont know if I will have to do anything with the onboard computer or not.
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