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finally got it! Windows getting tinted on Monday

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congrats, still waiting for mine. sales rep said mid august augh.
When you get your tint we will have twins
what % you get? I think im gonna get 15 all the way around
Dangit, I love those DRL leds!! Congrats!! ;-)
what % you get? I think im gonna get 15 all the way around
45 All around (except for front), the legal limit in province next to me is 35 so as I visit regularly it wasn't worth the risk. It looks a lot darker then it seems on a dark vehicle.

As you can tell it doesn't look that dark from inside vehicle
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I'm jealous of those of you who can legally do a dark tint. Here in NY, the legal limit is 70. So there aren't many legal options. I had the dealer do a tint that was more of a UV/Heat protection than it was a dark tint.
in AZ you can do any darkness on the back and rear windows but the driver has to be 35%... I have a doctor's note though that says the light coming from the driver's windows gives me severe headaches so I can put any darkness on the front ones too :)

We can also have a visor like window tint on the front windshield, down to the little A serial number on the drivers side
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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