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Actually, when I got my car, the XM was set to the dealer "mode" when I called to figure out why I couldn't get traffic, they figured it out and started my actual trial, which added the Nav Traffic and Weather.

That said, both the nav traffic and weather have proven to be really crappy.

The nav traffic is ONLY for major highways and on my way down to NYC this past weekend it was completely inaccurate. It kept saying there was traffic ahead and I never hit any. It was almost as if it was a few hours behind. Now on regular driving days (in the city) it is completely useless because it does not give you ANY local traffic.

As for the weather, it is okay, but the map is fairly inaccurate and the forecast is really nothing I wouldn't know by just looking out the windows of my car...

Now, here's the one thing you may want to consider:

When I called SiriusXM, my "trial" was set for TWO YEARS, which is what the dealer must get as a default so that they don't have to worry about it running out before they sell the car. Had I known the crappiness of the traffic/weather, I would have been MUCH better off just keeping quiet rather than getting them to turn on the actual trial because it is only three months.

Just saying...
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