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Trees and other vegetation are one of the biggest absorbers of RF. Since you say youre also getting static on the highway, maybe the radio's buffer on the CT isin't as great as others? Im not sure how this could be tested or if its right, but maybe you were losing lock in your other cars just as often, but never noticed the dead air through your radio because the buffers were better.

As far him being in the Northeast, I dont see that being a problem at all. Other than the nice greenery you guys have up there. The XM satellite footprint is huge it goes all the way out to the Atlantic and in to Canada.

As far as the guy in Texas getting a better signal because hes in Texas is somewhat true....kinda. He really is closer to the satellites since most of them sit on the equator, but in satellite transmission the entire US is fairly small piece of real estate to cover. So the real reason for him getting a better signal may just be that he has less Tress and vegetation around him.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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