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I know XM and Sirius are two totally different technologies (XM uses Geo-stationary satellites, Sirius use Pole-to-Pole Figure 8 orbits with 3 birds which gives better "look" angles), but my overall impression of the XM system in my CT200h is not good.

I've noticed that on roads with a medium amount of tree overhang, it totally looses lock compared to my previous car and my wife's car which has Sirius, and I've even experienced it loosing lock and going to static noise on an Interstate with no obstructions at all... Is it my radio or is it an XM problem? Are others seeing XM issues related to keeping signal lock (i've seen the volume level discussions).

Where's the XM Antenna? Is it in the boot of the FM radio mast?



Now that XM and Sirius have merged I am not sure how they merged the technologies. Living in Maryland where there are a lot of trees I have not had many problems with the reception. Here and there I may lose it for a few seconds. On the whole it sure beats the crap that is on the over air radio stations these days. After the 90 day trail I signed up for a year package that lets you add it to an iPhone or iPad.

As to where the XM antenna is I assume it is in with the other antenna on the roof.

Starfire Pearl, Navigation, Premium sound, Nulux black interior.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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