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Lexus design issue with XM reception?

Hmmm, they took my money last month and I never even got a note saying they billed me :mad:

I am VERY disappointed with the XM sound quality and my wifes Prius doesn't have the volume drop experienced with my CT between FM and XM. Sad to say the FM sounds light years better then the XM. The Sirius subscription I had in my Highlander Hybrid did not have the drop that I'm experiencing with XM and the CT Premium Audio Pkg.:mad::mad::mad:
Sadly, from summarizing and compiling the XM comments it appears that maybe Lexus has an XM design.implementation issue in the CT.

Have owners of other Lexus cars besides the CT, experienced or are experiencing an XM sound level/sound quality problem ?

The reason I say a design or implementation problem, XM is satellite and should be very clear digital sound close to CD/DVD/USB audio levels. It should be better than FM radio and much better than AM radio. Several CT owners have commented that FM radio and IPOD music sounds much better; this really shouldn't be true. And since it is going through the same sound system something must be wrong with the XM reception or the XM interface.

Has anyone contacted their Lexus dealer about this issue ? :confused:
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