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I got hooked on the XM/Sirius. After the 3 month free trial going back to regular AM/FM was painful. Went with the $199 for a year unlimited. Nice part of this is that you can get an iPhone/iPad XM free app and have the same capability on these devices as your car. Connect the iPhone or iPad into your home stereo or other connected device and you are getting all the music in your home as well. No extra charges with this option. If you want the XM Traffic (those little 3 cars on the right side of the navigation screen equipped CT200) it will cost you additional. Depends if you are in a high traffic city area where delays are frequent you might want to consider it.
After you subscibe XM sends you a plastic card with all the stations listed. keep it in your car.
Oh, if you like baseball you can listen to your team play as XM has a deal with MLB to get you audio to every team playing. I think there is NFL radio too, so you can listen to an out of market game. It is very good if you like a team from one city but you are living in another. With the iPhone app you can listen to the game from your living room so you don't have to hang out in the garage inside the car.
It just depends if you find value with the service. if you are happy with your local radio stations and don't travel much out of your home area the XM probably is not necessary.
One thing negative about XM is the sector radio stations, i.e 60's, 70's, 80's tend to repeat the same songs. I guess this is understandable if you are limiting music to a particular decade.
I am getting a little tired of "The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot. I think I have heard it a dozen times on "The Blend" XM station. That's more times than I have heard it in my entire life previously.
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