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5.8L/100km or 40.5 mpg. Was a 600km/375mile highway trip in April, loaded car (about 700lbs).

With that said, winter is around the corner. With more electronics such as the heater, heated mirrors, windshield, and seats, the gas engine will kick in more often, so I expect to probably beat my current worst in January 2012. I hope I don't dip above 6.0L/100km or below 40 mpg though. We'll see.
Yup. Very good point. I'm already starting to see a small decrease in MPG now that it's been in the upper 30's in the AM when I leave for work. I have a feeling we'll definitely be below 40 MPG once we're in the middle of winter.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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