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For a Limited Time, we will be selling Work Wheels at a SPECIAL Price to all Club Lexus Members.

For most Multi-Piece Work wheels we can do CUSTOM Offset, CUSTOM Color, and have your set Air freighted STRAIGHT From Japan so wait time is minimal compared to the regular JDM Wait.

If you don't see the wheel you want here just drop me a PM and I can get you a personalized quote, just let me know if theres anything I can help you out with!

and remember we also Price Match!

Steven @ VIP Auto Salon

VIP Auto Salon

VIP Autosalon Inc.
1449 W. Orange Grove Ave Suite A.
Orange, CA 92868

Phone: 714-221-0385
Email: [email protected]

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Not a fan of the lip, but those wheels are sick! Too bad they're probably 19's or 20's with impractical tire sizes/rubber bands.
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