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With or W/O Navigation?

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I ordered my CT about a week ago. It is supposed to take 2 weeks. The dealership has called me twice and is offering me the same model but with Nav at a significantly reduced price (about 2k off msrp). I ordered mine without Nav because I don’t care for how it looks on the dash...functionally I am sure it is great.

Just curious...if you got it do you like it? If you didn’t get you wish you had? I’d like to hear your opinions.

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if you are going to get a deal on it, might as well. however, to answer your original question, i don't have it and don't need/miss it. my $90 Garmin works just as well.
Actually, the navigation is only a small part of the Lexus navigation system. It integrates very well with AM,FM,CD,AUX The integrated screens are much easier to select. I also like the fuel screens and the ability to show audio and HVAC on the screen.

With ENFORM and eDestination you can build address folders on your PC and download to the Lexus navigation. It also adds voice commands and bluetooth for you phone and other bluetooth devices. The audio is automatically controlled between Nav and the other audio sources. I am just not sure your $90 Garmin can handle all of the above :eek::rolleyes::eek:. I like Garmin , I have a Garmin Colorado 400t :cool: which I use when hiking:D .
your point is well-taken that you do get a nice "integrated" feel with the nav. the question is one of value and i am not saying that it is NOT worth the MSRP $2445 vs. a $90 garmin. i do not have Nav but i still have Bluetooth, AM/FM, AUX, fuel displays, etc etc. it is not as "pretty" as the integrated Nav. but my value system doesn't value "pretty" at ~$2400. However, if you are going to get a $2k discount ANYWAYS then you are practically getting it for free and i say go for it. unfortunately, that $2k discount was not offered to me (nor the majority of buyers on this forum). But don't think that the value-added for a nice "integrated" system is worth $2k to everyone. :)
we all draw the line between want and need in a different place.

someone who just bought a yaris could say everything you just said about you buying a ct!

we all work hard for our money. some save for tomorrow, some spend for today. i can't think anyone is ever wrong :)
it's not a matter of "right" vs. "wrong" - it's not a moral issue. the OP asked whether the Nav was worth it. only the OP knows his/her own financial circumstances as well as perception of value-added for the system.

there are people very happy with their Nav system. there are people very happy without the Nav system. whether the added functionality of the Nav is worth it to them is up to each individual.
The people being very happy without the Nav system are only happy because they haven't lived with the Nav system. They are blissfully unaware of how much better the car could be..

I still can't understand why this is a debate with anybody. If you can afford the car you can afford Nav (I've said it many times, a car without Nav = a non-luxury car). If you can NOT afford Nav but can afford the car you are simply stretching too much with the CT and need to be smarter with your money. The Prius is a good, cheaper option. There are also cars in the $10-15k range if need be.

Enough said.
Couldn't disagree more. i chose not to get the NAV even though i can afford it - it is merely a waste of money to me. i did get NAV in my fully-optioned-out SUV thinking the grass was greener like you said, but as i quickly found out: the Toyota/Lexus NAV blows (and it is documented all over car forums on the internet that it notoriously stinks compared to Honda/Acura's Nav). the added functionality of the integrated system may be nice, but, IMO, clearly not worth the added cost.

But as i qualified with all my opinions, that's just me. hopefully it has been the life-changing savior fulfilling your childhood dreams for a measly $2-3k for which i am very happy for you ;)
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