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Winning the CT lottery...

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thats what the dealer told me lastnight, that "I had won the CT lottery" They called to say they have one coming in at the end of the month pretty close to what I wanted, Premium Obsidian with black Nuluxe. No LED headlights of course but I guess I can live without them. I'm 5th on the list but everyone above me wants red, so I guess I got lucky. I'm REALLY excited!! Hopefully I can sleep this month while I wait for the call.
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I got the call as well this week. I was given a printout of the car specs, options, accessories and even got the VIN. However, I'm told that delivery is still 2-1/2 months away. That seemed a bit odd to me. I called back to inquire about the status of the vehicle and was told it was currently in the production line. So, evidently the VIN gets assigned as soon as the car begins production, maybe even before? Still, 2-1/2 months from production line to delivery seems like a very long time to me. How long can it take to build the car, a week tops? Maybe another week in transit? So what's going on for the other 2 months? Evidently a lot of time sitting in storage lots I guess. If anyone is familiar with the production and distribution process it would be interesting to hear how this works.
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