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I doubt anyone will get 2K off the sticker anytime soon for the CT200h. With Toyota slashing production by 50% due to the earthquake the vehicle supply will be tight. If you bet gas is returning to below $3.00 I am thinking it has a greater chance of going higher towards $5.00.
Still the CT200h is an expensive hybrid if you compare it to a Prius or Civic hybrid. You get a much better appointed car with the CT200h.
I was able to get 1K off the sticker thanks to a Lexus "thank you" coupon from my local auto show from January.
I have yet to see another one on the road in my area and I have had the car for a month.
Don't feet ripped off by paying the sticker. I am not hearing of any "deals" by any Lexus dealer. Gas would have to go back to $1.85 to cause price discounts on the fuel efficient vehicles and this for all practicality is almost impossible.
The era of cheap energy is over and it is not coming back.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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