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Where is the map dvd located?

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Has anyone updated the sat nav maps themselves rather than through the dealers? If so where does it go on a 2011 model? I have tried inserting it into the CD player which obviously doesn't recognise the disk and I've looked in the boot, under the car seats and can't find another separate location that could possibly house the map dvd.
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Thanks for that. My vehicle is listed on there without any instructions and says 'Dealer' under the update column. Does this mean that I cannot update the maps myself?
I believe so. Mine is also listed like that. Apparently done through USB port with an activation code. I'm thinking of updating (still undecided), but if I do, will definitely wait until this year's version is out. They say it comes out every year in the Fall, which is pretty close. Way too expensive to justify every year. At least we're in the cheaper rate of $170 instead of $210. I saw something in a much older post about specials, so will check on that if I get close to buying.

Here's a little more info: Lexus — WHAT TO ORDER
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