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wheelchair space in the CT200h

Here are dimensions that are usable in the trunk. I went in the garage and measured so this is real and not from a book.
With the back seats up you have 36" wide and 28" deep. Not great depth with the seats up.
With the back seats down, depth increases to 56".
Back seats split fold 2/3 and 1/3.
I measured the most narrow width point that is 36" in the trunk due to the way the body panels lie.
Height room is 24" at the lowest point just under the hatch lid, to a maximum of 30" in front of this.
I believe these are the true minimum dimensions that you can be within and not have to worry. You could move the front passenger seat all the way up and get a few more inches.
It is not like having an SUV where you can throw almost anything in with impunity.
I went from a Honda Pilot where I once put a 6 foot bathtub in and closed the trunk! The Ct200h is nowhere near the capacity. Then again 20mpg in the Pilot and now 47 mpg in the Ct200h.
You will have to lift the wheelchair 30" from the ground to get it inside. The hatch lid must be closed manually so you must be able to reach your hand up 70" inches to grab the recessed handle to pull the hatch down. If you can get your shoulder up to 90 degrees that should do it.
I assume the wheelchair folds for transport. If the foot rests are removable there should not be a problem. It all depends on the size of the chair but you should be able to get almost any manual wheelchair into the back of the car.
I know about wheelchairs as I am a PMR doc.
Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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