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Hi guys, I'm looking to get a set of wheel spacers. I'm planning to keep the front stock in the unlikely event I need to put chains on (I live in the Bay Area (CA), but go to Tahoe to ski), so I'm shopping for the rear wheels only.

With the googling I've done so far, it would seem that the easiest way to go is with an Ichiba 1-piece using the set made for the Toyota Prius (Prius 04+)

Bolt Pattern: 5x100
Center Bore: 54.1MM
Thread: 12x1.5

I plan to keep the stock wheels (17x7 +45), and so far I've seen folks go as much as 25mm spacers (20mm overall offset) for the rear (however no reports afterwards).

My question to everyone is...

#1 What is the minimum size spacer do I need to clear the factory studs without modification, in the event I need to put a spare tire on?

#2 What is the maximum size spacer anyone has used (using stock wheel/tires) without rubbing of any kind regardless of springs?

I'd like to go as agressive as I can, but at the same time want to be able to retain maximum load capacity without rubbing. Just as a reference, Ichiba makes spacers as high as 38mm, however I ran across a post where someone "suggested" you can run as low as 0mm overall without rubbing with stock wheels.

Is this TRUE?!
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