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For many folks hybrid vehicles have a negative aura about them. Some of that is the fault of poorly executed models over the past two decades, and some is due to the most successful, and arguably best engineered hybrid, the Toyota Prius.

And you can’t blame them. The Prius is tops both in sales and fuel economy. Unfortunately it’s also both odd looking and dull to drive.

It goes without saying then, that while it may be good; the Prius isn’t the perfect hybrid. In fact, we’d go so far to say that an uncompromised, fuel efficient, fun-to-drive hybrid isn’t yet out there, but it’s very close. If we had our choice, here’s what would make up the ‘perfect’ hybrid, which would be fuel friendly and not a bore.

Looking at all the gasoline-electric cars currently on sale, the components of the perfect hybrid are out there. While better performing technology is possible (and available), it would be a good idea to keep the price point around or below the $30,000 mark. Finally, benchmarking one of the most competitive and biggest segments in the industry, we imagine the car to be a four-door mid-sized sedan, something that can be both family friendly, practical and enjoyable to drive. imagines what the best hybrid out there could be.

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Perfect Hybrid:
  1. Manual Shift
  2. Really Great Audio (Audiophile level, not just a big subwoofer)
  3. An AM/FM radio that really works and provides high quality sound
  4. Advanced audio /media inputs, blue tooth
  5. Navigation, phone, and other electronics that operate all the time, not just when the car is stopped.
  6. Hands free Key, panic from ½ mile away
  7. Home Link, backup camera, front camera
  8. Stylish lightweight alloy wheels
  9. True HID Lights with LED accent strips and LED lights for all but HIDs
  10. Electric only for 20 miles up to 60 mph
  11. Stylish looks; not the Lexus side yoyo front look
  12. Good cargo space -25 cu ft with all seats up.
  13. Hatchback with fold down seats.
  14. Great mileage, at least 40 mpg combined
  15. Great handling, at least F-sport CT200h level
  16. Decent Performance – You definition may vary, somewhere between CT200h and ISF
  17. Recaro Leather seats.
  18. Comfortable ride, maybe adjustable.
  19. Fully electric adjustable memory front seat
  20. Heated/cooled seats.
  21. Other Luxury options
  22. Advanced safety options : dynamic cruise, blind spot monitoring, automatic collision, heds-up display.
  23. Target price for all features $40,000

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CT200h optimization

The CT200h is not as dull to drive than the Prius. I easily get 56.7MPG (4.1l/100km) driving in our city of Sherbrooke,QC and on the roads and highways in our hilly region averaging now in the Summer 56.7USMPG (4.1L/100KM). I also find that it drives on electric only for longer distance than the Prius2010 that I had before. I occasionally use the sport mode when going up steep hill which I did not have on the Prius. I will be looking forward to the emergence of the Prius4 in 2015 with Plug in capacity. Toyota is no beginner like Ford in hybrid technology and it will be interested to see how they value the cost of the Lithium based battery for which the life duration is still to be optimised. I am also happy that the 2014 CT200h will have adjustments to update the look of the front end and a fish style antenna and other minor things.:cool:

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I'll go with Midcow on all his comments especially the blind spot monitoring(sorry Midcow I know the mirror adjustment suggestion of yours helped but I commute in the Los Angeles area and have had too many close calls where somebody divebombs in literally from 3-4 lanes over outside my mirrors range into the lane next to me) The only other suggestion I'd make is a wagon version with a large enough battery pack to qualify for the carpool lane and as mentioned before extended electrical range of course. I especially like the Honda hybrids design in which the lithium ion batteries will move the vehicle up to 50 mph as opposed to the CT's 20-40 mph. I'm guessing the new Prius and CT will mimic this feature when the new model debuts.

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