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What is this rattling noise (coming from bottom of the car) ?

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Model: 2017 Lexus Ct 200H Executive Edition
Mileage: 22,600

So I get this weird rattling kinda noise that appears to be coming from the bottom of my car (not the engine, no warnings in dashboard).
The noise isn't consistent you hear it sometimes, noise tends to occur when im pressing on the gas.

I took a video, here it is on YouTube so you can hear the sound:

Any idea what it is? Defintively going to take it to Garage, but would like to have a rough idea of what I'm probably dealing with and how much to fix it.
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Mine made the same exact noise and it was the engine (blown head gasket), it sounded like it was under me. Hope you can get it diagnosed asap
Ok took it to my local garage, and they said the catalytic shield just wasn't installed properly. They just simply aligned it correctly, cost me only £30 to fix. But yeah now my car runs fine without me hearing that annoying rattling sound.
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YES, it's the exhaust shield rattling around about mid-car. I took mine out, put a 2" washer over the hole where they wear out, and fixed it.
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