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We need more more interior trim accesories!

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Anyone else thought it's sort of odd that the interior trim we can buy only occupies that one slice in the dash while the remaining connecting piece that goes around the climate control stays the same??

If anyone out there in web land who makes parts or any fellow CT owners that know what we can do about this I'm all ears! I think we should also have the option to re-trim the door handles and below the air conditioning vents as well! Personally I think that would add a bit more of a luxury feel to the interior. Thoughts anyone??
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You could do something with 3D Di-noc that would have more "wood" look for your luxury feel if 3rd party companies don't come out with anything else. The look would depend on your patience and skill on some corners.

The personally do not like the trim accessories, never liked wood in my Lexus. I think they tried to appeal to a more sporty look, and for younger/newer Lexus owners. I may even down the line use di-noc carbon fiber look to finish the insert and/or shifter.
What company would make additional wood inserts for the CT? I was driving an 02 Sc 430 and the copious amounts of wood trim really add a great deal of luxury to the car. I understand Lexus is aiming for sporty but part of being a Lexus is the interior and wood is where it at.

Anyways, i would definitely be willing to throw down some money for some added luxury. I can just imagine the CT interior with some more bamboo trim. If anyone out there can make it happen, don't hesitate to post.
I had the same idea and I've been looking into how I can vinyl wrap a wood looking texture on the silver trim to have a more luxurious look. I understand wanting the sporty look but I have black leather and the silver trim just makes the car look cheap.
I have a 'Flame Blue' F-Sport. Some of you may well be looking for something more bold but I bought some matching blue pin-strip tape and ran it across the edge of various items of silver trim in the car including on the dashboard and the front and rear door handles. Note: The tape has to be applied on the silver trim - it will not stick to the dashboard material. I also applied the pin-stripe tape to follow the lines in the tail lights. I like things to be subtle and so I used the thinnest pin-stripe, but that is an individual choice. The cost is peanuts and it has proven to be quite durable in service. My Lexus dealer complimented me on my handiwork.
I think some people have bought this kit and just selected a few pieces out of it. I would never apply all 24 pieces, but some select ones on the dash and the doors would probaby look pretty nice.

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