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WARNING: Watch out for tree that drop pollen when you are trying to park your CT!!!

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Some of you, experienced driver, might already know about this..

Certain type of tree, they like to drop their pollen, that's the beauty of life :)
However, if you park your beloved vehicle under them, it is going to make your day.. a sad day.

I happened to park my CT under one of these tree at work one day, and thankfully someone that saw what happened to the CT (and he think it is very nice car!) ran to me and advised me to move my car..

If it is not him, I'm going to take even longer to clean my car up later...

I noticed there were 30+ little yellow sticky things all over the front and the top of my white CT.. Firstly I hand picked the pods out one by one, and there's still a lot yellow sticky thing.

I was able to use my nail to get those dried harden ones away, but those liquid one are the headache.

In order for me to clean those up, I had to go buy the car detailing clay (about $25-$30 in Canada), and they did a very good job removing all those yellowish sticky pollen away.. but used me couple hours carefully cleaning.

So, I think it is good to share with all of you here :)
Choose where to park carefully!

Happy driving.
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ugh. i hate tree sap.
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