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Given that Neil admitted to being a "car enthusiast" who probably has a passion for sub 7-second 0 to 60 times and a variable revving motor with noticeable tranny shifts, I thought it was a fair and well written piece. (I enjoy mild sarcasm.)

But acceleration is relative. I would wager that Neil was either in a crib or yet-to-be-conceived back in the '60s when Detroit's so-called "muscle cars" made their debut. My then-new '66 Chevelle SS with a 325 hp 396 cubic inch motor and "4 on the floor" was only 2 1/2 seconds faster from zero to 60 than my CT200h (8 seconds vs. 10.4). And my '09 Lexus ES350 with its 272 hp V-6 — which no one would call a hot rod — is 1 1/2 seconds faster than my SS was from 0 to 60 (6.5 seconds vs. 8). That shows how acceleration times and perceptions have changed over the years. Back in the '60s, anything that could scoot from 0 to 60 in 8 seconds or better was considered fast.

I bought my CT for what it was, not for what it wasn't. I didn't purchase it with the intent of winning any drag races. Even so, it gives the impression of being quick when in the Power Mode. And that's sufficient for me when I get bored with the other modes.

With what seemed like the possibility of $5/gallon gas this past spring, I decided to go with something that would yield 40+ mpg and more than the 300-mile range that was possible with my other rides. Fortunately, the one CT my Lexus dealer had in stock last March appealed to my eye, and after a test drive on surface streets and a 10 mile sprint down the freeway, I got out my checkbook and haven't looked back. Having said that, the CT would not be my car of choice if I needed to take a long trip unless gas does hit that $5/gallon mark, which it still may in the foreseeable future.
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