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I was wondering if the Lexus voice recognition system is as advanced as say Ford or Acura. When connecting an iPhone through either USB or Bluetooth, is it possible to search by song title, album, and artist through voice recognition.

Thank you
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No answers? Do people not have nav or have not used voice commands?
Hey Amish,

Took a look at the manual and couldn't find it in the voice-command lists. You can change track, but I didn't see anything about specific artists.

That said, there is a long part about "natural speech" where it says that the car will attempt to make sense of what you ask it to do. Whether that goes as far as "play songs by David Bowie" I don't know... or "Make me a sandwich please."

I'll test both of those when I test the USB connection. Lately, I've been using just bluetooth because it is so easy to do without wires.
I found the voice recognition capabilities to be no better than my 2005 Prius, which is a shame because I know the technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the last 6 years (Google or Dragon Dictation on my iPhone is nearly flawless).

So, even if you could tell it to "Play David Bowie", it would probably respond by showing you Post Office icons.
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