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Vinyl wrapped grill piece (chrome piece)

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I'm not a big fan of the chrome strip above the grill on the front of the CT, so I contacted a local shop to see if they could wrap this piece with either a photo / printed vinyl or another material. Well, they were able to source some vinyl/laminate that is actually painted and here are the results of the experiment.

The color match is very good and whether it lasts 6 months or a couple of years - I'm pleased with the results. Keep in mind, my car is dirty and has a few bug parts on the hood and bumper...

I know there is an OE part that is this exact piece and is color matched, but for the price it seemed like a worth while $40 effort. I'm still on the fence re: a satin black roof.
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Thanks - Here's the thread:

That's what has me on the fence. It looks great from different angles, but since where the front windshield pillar meets the roof does not make a straight line to the back of the car like it does on the the ES, or the civic and VW pictured above - I'm not 100% sold. It just looks weird to me to have that curve/angle as it transitions from the windshield to the roof.

BTW, the bumper plugs do stick out a tiny bit on the top b/c the bumper starts to curve back some - but it's not really noticeable until you are less than a foot away.
Ahh, I see your point, never noticed that (A pillar not lining up). Maybe with a darker color car it won't be as noticeable?
It might depend on whether you go satin/matte vs. gloss. I think I'm going to skip the roof for the summer and decide in the fall.
I was looking at doing a satin finish vinyl - not willing to paint such a large piece of the car.
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