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Vinyl wrapped grill piece (chrome piece)

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I'm not a big fan of the chrome strip above the grill on the front of the CT, so I contacted a local shop to see if they could wrap this piece with either a photo / printed vinyl or another material. Well, they were able to source some vinyl/laminate that is actually painted and here are the results of the experiment.

The color match is very good and whether it lasts 6 months or a couple of years - I'm pleased with the results. Keep in mind, my car is dirty and has a few bug parts on the hood and bumper...

I know there is an OE part that is this exact piece and is color matched, but for the price it seemed like a worth while $40 effort. I'm still on the fence re: a satin black roof.
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looks like a pretty good color match. they did a pretty good job.

i like the bumper plugs, too, they look like they fit nice and flush. i would like to do the same, but i was pulled over and ticketed too often without front license plates so much in the past, i decided to just keep the front plate on and not be bothered by law enforcement.

wrap the roof satin black! i'm sure it would look really nice.
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