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Vinyl wrapped grill piece (chrome piece)

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I'm not a big fan of the chrome strip above the grill on the front of the CT, so I contacted a local shop to see if they could wrap this piece with either a photo / printed vinyl or another material. Well, they were able to source some vinyl/laminate that is actually painted and here are the results of the experiment.

The color match is very good and whether it lasts 6 months or a couple of years - I'm pleased with the results. Keep in mind, my car is dirty and has a few bug parts on the hood and bumper...

I know there is an OE part that is this exact piece and is color matched, but for the price it seemed like a worth while $40 effort. I'm still on the fence re: a satin black roof.
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Interesting approach to changing the color of that. At least you can take the overlay off it it gets botched up. I painted my G35 front OEM chrome grill satin black (not the logo though) and it came out awesome. Only trouble is, it didn't stand the test of time with all of the road debris/rock chips!

Regarding the black roof, I'm contemplating doing that too. There's a member on here with a white CT who already did that (he has pics posted too). Let me know if you can't find that.
Ahh, I see your point, never noticed that (A pillar not lining up). Maybe with a darker color car it won't be as noticeable?
It might depend on whether you go satin/matte vs. gloss. I think I'm going to skip the roof for the summer and decide in the fall.
I've never seen anyone do matte roof only, always gloss. Not sure that I'd like the matte look at all. What were you contemplating? There's always the vinyl overlay option, in case you don't like the look.
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