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Vanity mirror light - too bright!

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All jokes about drivers-side vanity mirrors aside, please! ;)

Has anyone tried to use the vanity mirror at night? Went to do a quick hair check and almost got blinded at a traffic light!

I am hoping that a less bright bulb can be put in there. As bright as it is, it is unusable and since it comes on as soon as the mirror is opened, one should really avoid their mirror.
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Haha. My finacee was in the passenger seat and was also blinded... didn't expect it to be THAT bright.

Might want to advise any passengers not to use this while driving... definitely hard to see when it's on.
That's funny. I never tried the stock bulbs. However, I did change them already to natural white bulbs. The white bulbs look great now, but I didn't check them for make-up & hair yet. hehe ;-)
Good idea. You may have already mentioned, but what bulbs did you replace them with? Did you do it yourself? Thanks!
Yes, I replaced them myself. (only lost a little skin from my hand) hehe I ordered the bulbs at: For the vanity lights I used:
WLED Miniature Wedge Base bulbs (#194) Type: WLED – WHP5 Natural White (xhp5) Maybe I'll take a pic tomorrow for you to see the color and brightness.
Here's a couple pics of my natural white LEDs. Sorry I can't figure out how to display the pic in the post. I know these look pretty bright too, but they are not blinding as vanity lights. (for me they are fine) ;-)
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