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Okay so here is a comprehensive report as far as all the mods minus the oil catch can and torqamp being installed.

The solenoid definitely made a difference in the car acceleration. The combination with a bigger air intake and a bigger exhaust also gave the CT a very fond and cool noise and sligh bump in horsepower. Granted I did not dyno test it, but it is most likely that with more air coming in and going out without the engine being throttled would increase it's horsepower even by a small margin. To tie it all up the pedal throttle controller definitely made a hell of a difference in both acceleration and fuel economy. Not only was I able to achieve faster top speed but when adjusted to the other end of the spectrum I consistently got 45-48mpg. The oils drain plug replacement made it hecks easier to do self oil changes. As far as that goes I can't think of anything else that can improve the speed and horsepower of this hybrid vehicle (apart from the torqamp and maybe doing a custom job on the engine block).

As of this post I don't own the CT any longer. I traded it for 2017 Lincoln Reserve. Now I know I'm not part of the CT brotherhood any longer but feel free to send me a message or ask a question. I've learned a lot about my former CT through the years.

Also to any of you Florida natives. If your in the vicinity of West Palm Beach there is a hybrid battery repair mechanic there that will install new hybrid batteries in your car for 2k (if you have NAPA credit card you can use it). I think it was called Exclusively Hybrid.

With that I wish you all a good night and be safe out there. People are crazy now a days.
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