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The Sport mode really adds respectable pickup. I don't find it underpowered at all. The vehicle corners great. The plug in rumor for next model year is a plug in that would yield 13 miles on the battery in addition to the Hybrid drive. This is similar to what the plug in Prius will get. I'm not sure how practical 13 miles on electric is. If you have a one way drive to work of 6-7 miles then it is good for you. I would barely get one way to work, and then return home on gas. I guess every little bit helps.
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Problem is that the battery amount required to get 30 or 40 miles of driving range is cost prohibitive. You'd be looking at $50k for a CT with that sort of range and it would weigh a lot more. 13 miles EV range is good for handling trips around town (running to the grocery store, for example) in all EV instead of having to start up the engine and wasting gas warming up the engine to operating temps.
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