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Underbody/Interior/Moustache Individually Addressable LED Light Effects

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Today I'm going to introduce the first major project I'll be undertaking on my new CT200h. I had previously done this once on my 2013 Veloster, though I used a mass produced version that didn't really meet my standards in retrospected, so I'll doing it right this time!

I'll be installing a full hand-built, custom engineered RGBW (Red/Green/Blue/White) interior, exterior and underbody lighting effects system. To break it down bit, I'm going to be installing 35 feet of NeoPixels in and around the vehicle.

What are NeoPixels you ask? Well they're a lot like your computer monitor and are made up of a bunch of tiny lights that can each be individually addressed by an onboard computer to create lighting effects! You can make them virtually any color and brightness you want and even sync them up with your sound system (something I will be doing!).

Doing this is no small feat and will require a power supply capable of 50 amps at 5v, transforming the cars 12v power. There's a lot of electric issues to figure out and I hope you find it interesting, as well as provide welcomed feedback.
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