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Ultra racing sway bars strut bars?!!!

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Been thinking about buying the whole ultra racing suspension kit for my lovely ct. Whole kit is gonna cost me approx. $1400+ because everything has to be bought separately. Here's the link if anyone is interested in checking it out.


I want to make my ct handle and hug the road as much as I can. I miss my s2k :(.

Anyways any thoughts anyone or do any of you have tried this brand. Thanks all for your inputs.
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TOMS also makes a full CT kit. TOMS CT 200H CHASSIS BRACE SET - CT 200H 2011- PRESENT (ZWA10) - LEXUS Just another choice for you to consider. GL!

I have the F-sport sway bar kit. i think that's prolly enough for my driving style. if i were to get anything more, i'd prolly get the TOMS front upper shock tower brace.
For a little more than the price of the Ultra rear sway bar you could get both front and rear F-Sport sway bars! I would get those then drive on them a while and think about other chassis stiffening later.

We already have a sort of front strut tower bar from the factory and the same in the rear. I refer to those lateral damper things, which are bars with really stiff shocks built in to absorb vibration.
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