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According to the owners manual two BT devices can be registered at one time.

This is a nice feature since my wife and I both have iPhones.

The BT feature also allows music streaming from each device (iPod/iPhone music library) and playing thru' the audio system from either device, below is some info from the owners manual:

The Bluetooth® audio system enables you to enjoy music played on a portable digital audio player (portable player) from the vehicle speakers via
wireless communication.
This audio system supports Bluetooth®, a wireless data system capable of
playing portable audio music without cables. If your portable player does
not support Bluetooth®, the Bluetooth® audio system will not function.
Vehicles with a navigation system:
Refer to the “Navigation System Owner’s Manual”.

Vehicles without a navigation system:

Title Page
Using the Bluetooth® audio system P. 363
Operating a Bluetooth® enabled portable player P. 370
Setting up a Bluetooth® enabled portable player P. 375
Bluetooth® audio system setup P. 384

Even better, if it can control thru steering wheel buttons for Pandora.
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