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Toyota Announced Price Hikes For Most Cars...Not CT200h Though

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Toyota announced that even before the earthquake/tsunami disaster happened it had been talking about a price hike across the board. Now, they say they will raise prices on most cars...but, one of the cars they are NOT raising price on IS the CT200h...YEAH. Here's the article:

Prices on the rise for Toyota, used cars |

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thanks for posting. makes me feel vindicated in my choice of car. i got a lot of flack from my friends for buying this car, although it wasn't so much for the choice of car but the amount of speed/handling i gave up to have the ct200h instead. my main choice for buying the ct200h was because of versatility and fuel efficiency.
I almost got a third generation prius but was waiting because the economy was so bad and I felt wrong buying a new car when co-workers were being laid-off. MAN I'm glad I waited. The CT200h is what the new prius SHOULD have been. While you trade about 10mpg give or take, it basically has all the trade-ups in terms of comfort which is what I was really looking for.

Test drove one and fell in love with it. Don't let any of your friends give you flack!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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