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top+bottom grilles

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top+bottom grilles....

Sorry for the cell phone crap quality photos... I'll try to upload better pics soon...
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and i also picked up my ct from lexus of cerritos
Really? which one did you get and how long ago? Ive had mine for 4 weeks now... I probably know which one you got if it was within that time frame.... :cool:
The grilles looks great.
I too got mine from the same Cerritos dealer on 7/30.
Man trip out, i got mine on 7/29. I know which car you got. I almost bought yours.... The only thing that held me back was that i have kids and the ecru+kids isnt a good combo so i went with a blk interior instead. If i didnt have the kids i would have gotten it for sure. It looks nice with that color combo you have.

I feel like a kid who got separated from his brothers and sisters at birth... and now is reuniting back with them after years of the separation.... lol :eek:
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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