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Some people do a lot of puffing and exaggerating. Some are the kind of people you NEVER want to be behind on a two lane road. Most of us were satisfied with having pretty good mileage in a decent car. Unless gliding is a euphemism for lying. There are some routes that I take that resulted in almost 50 mpg, but that is very rare and my constant mileage was about 40, usually slightly under, sometimes slightly over. If I filled up while on a fully charged battery, I could ride home (perfectly flat road and little traffic) and take a picture of the mileage at a HUGE mpg, but that only lasted till I worked the battery down and it needed to recharge. Enjoy the car and don't sweat trying to match some non proven claims.
I think you're right. No matter how I drive it. It still has better mpg then most cars out there.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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