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Good info tried some of the tips on my 8 mile drive home being ultra conservative and believe it or not I topped 60 mpg I wasn't able to sustain it for the full ride but I was able to get there
Like you today I was able to show an average of 67MPG for a short time after filling up this AM. Back into the hills and accelerated driving quickly droped me back down to 44 mpg. Even 44MPG is good over my Highlander Hybrid's 24MPG in town. I'll take the 20 mpg gain, two weeks cost me $34.00 to fill up where I was spending that per week.

If we had 'real' gas and not this 10% blend I'll bet all of us would be seeing 3-8+ mpg better. God help us if the government know it alls and we whats good for you idiots make us all go to the 15% blend they are trying to ram down our throats.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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