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Hi, all,

First thing I normally do to brand new car is always tinting the window. This time, I have tinted front windshield as well. (with air 90) The tint job was done last week.

Last night while I was cleaning the car in the garage, I have noticed that there are few little dusts trapped in the front windshield tint (noticeable since the air gap caused by the dust), also there are small (1/3 inch long) wrinkle on the corner.

So, I believe the tint shop will redo the job. However, my question is how it will impact to my new CT.
Here's my reason for concern:

1. Right after the tint is done, I have noticed condensed water on where the VIN shows on the front windshield. So I assume excessive water went down to behind. (I don't know what it will do to the car)

2. Also, small black dots around the room mirror OR any defrost line looking things in the front windshield may damaged during removal of the front windshield tint.

Am I worrying too much? What would you do if you were in my shoes?

Thank you so much, all.
(And I'm very sorry about my horrible English,.)
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