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Nothing wrong with our port, in fact I ran into TONS and TONS of vehicles with both Black NuLuxe and Black Leather interior.

The trick I used is I called every Lexus dealer within 1000 miles.

I live in the SF Bay Area, tried my local dealer, they said they didn't have the vehicle in stock, and that they checked every dealership within 5 states, and that no vehicle existed matching my specifications (Starfire Pearl or Fire Agate w/Caramel interior & Nav).

I checked online, and it seems SoCal and LA specifically had a huge amount of stock. Called there, no luck. Went on to San Diego, no luck. Called all the dealers in Las Vegas, no luck. Moved on to Reno, no luck (some very very close matches though). Went back to California and started working my way north, and found my exact vehicle combo 100 miles north of me in Santa Rosa.

They sent a car to pick me up the next day, and I bought my CT200h pretty much immediately. (Sure, I wanted an F-Sport package, but wasn't willing to wait).

Total time searching for the vehicle on the phone? Maybe 3 hours.

Getting my exact CT200h right away? Priceless.

Modifications so far: Enkei PF01 17x7.5" wheels w/Permachrome (16lbs each instead of 24.7lbs each factory), Roadmagnet Lowering Springs (awesome, took a week to settle in, but I wouldn't trade the handing for the world!), 5% tint on the rear of the vehicle, 50% on the fronts, Beatsonic Nav Bypass (OMG! YES!), and then as this is a work vehicle, I had my stereo shop remove the rear seats and rear carpet/package tray, they installed a perfect set of lightweight drawers in the rear, and then a locking cargo box in the rear seats along with a JL Audio 10w6 10" subwoofer with Arc Audio 1000.1 amplifier.

As of two days ago, the car is done and AWESOME. I can carry all the computer gear I need for my daily work, the soundsystem is EPIC, and I'm getting better MPG than ever.
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