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Thinking of painting the brake calipers and the rims, what is a good color combo?

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I was thinking of painting the calipers red and the rims black. I'm not trying to go too crazy, I just want something clean and visually appealing...
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Do you mean the calipers ?
calipers red with black alloys is a perfect combo on the ct I think it's looks great.
yeah that's what I meant lol! thanks for your input good sir
On red exterior painted calipers look good in red, silver, black.

I'm going to be doing the F-sport color blue on mine since my exterior is white. I'd do the same burnt orange color as my rcf but since the calipers are so tiny I don't want to draw TOO much attention to

Your wheels are clean BTW.. I wouldn't paint them black. Unless it professionally done it's not going to look great. I think black wheels are too over played anymore. It makes the wheel gap look huge since your eye isn't broken with anything and you see black wheel/black tire...etc. I love those wheels honestly. As it sits now it's extremely clean and good looking. It's visually very appealing.

wise words and advice, thanks for your input Nigel!
this, 100%. Your car looks so clean and nice already how it is! paint the wheels black and it might look cheap and ghetto. Red painted calipers will also look bad because they'll just get dirty and be a mess. No real reason to attract attention to such stock and unimpressive parts anyway. But, that's just my opinion speaking. In general though, red and black go very well together, so if you're gonna do something, that is a classic option. But maybe get different wheels that are already black and then it should look okay and last. If you paint the wheels and don't like it, well it's stuck. Point is, it's already clean and visually appealing!
Thanks. I'll listen to your advice and keep it stock for now. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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Did it in silver grey, for the OEM look, nothing special but super smooth.
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I must admit that dark silver looks great on black paint, did you do it yourself or did you take it to a professional?
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