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things to look out for with low mileage 7+ year models

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Hi everyone, I’ve been lurking on this forum for a while but am finally taking the plunge and buying my first ct. I’ve found a 2016 model that has sub 20k miles and is very keenly priced. The temptation is to immediately go for it due to it looking like a incredible deal but as a newbie I was hoping to ask the more experienced members points to look out for when buying such a low mileage model from 7 years ago. Aside from the hybrid battery issues from maybe not being used as much as it should be, are there any other issues I should be aware of when I go down to see it?
thanks in advance
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I have not had issues on mine, bought off a friend in early 2020 -- '12 CT200h. It had around 193,000 km and now was 234,000 on it.

This would be a good read,just in case.
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