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The Voracious Mod Thread - Coilover Kit, Sway Bar Kit, Wheels/Center caps, Lugnuts

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Hi Everyone!

I am now beginning the journey on "real" mods. As of now, I have the IS250/350 Auto Shift knob, illuminated door sills, OEM all rubber floor mats, OEM trunk tray, and like all the nets for the trunk lol. Oh yea DDM Tuning HIDs for the headlights and fogs. 4300k for headlights and 3000k for fogs.

I recently just ordered a coilover kit, sway bar kit, wheels/center caps, and lug nuts. Here's what I bought and from where in case you are interested in purchasing similar parts or just need a recommended/trust worthy online retailer:

Coilover Kit: Tanabe Sustec Pro S-0C Kit, ~$900 shipped -

Sway Bar Kit: Lexus F Sport Kit, ~$390 shipped -

Wheels: Work Emotion CR Ultimate in Bronze 17x7 5x100 +38mm offset - ... My size will be a flat face/semi concave. And I believe wheel weight is ~18.48 lbs ... currently can't find source. I believe i read it on another forum and that someone messaged Work directly. It definitely be under 19 lbs because that's how much the old Work Emotion CR Kai weighed in 17x7. These are CAST wheels.

Centercaps: Work Emotion raised black conical looking type -

Wheels and center caps were ~$1650 shipped

Lugnuts: Project KICS BullLocks and Nut Kit, ~$60 shipped -

Here is a pic of the boxed up coilovers, sway bar kit, and lug nuts: (Wheels won't come for about 30-60 days, they come straight from Japan and the bolt patter/offset is considered custom so it might take some extra time. I was required to put 50% down, no biggie.)

I'm going to update this thread on install progress as parts come in and when I have time. So please stay tuned!! I hope to install coilovers and sway bar kit on May 4 with my cousin. (He's our car guy lol)

I ordered the Coilover kit, wheels/centercaps, and lugnuts from, I am working directly with a rep there. His name is Arsha Khamenehi and he email is [email protected], if you have questions or want to inquire about order, he/they are great to work with. If you do choose to message him, tell him Chris with the CT who recently bought mad stuff referred you to him. The site has great pricing/price matching ability. I received my items so far in a timely manner. I ordered TEIN springs for my friend's FR-S as well. Great experience over all. ... I ordered the F Sport Sway bar kit from a Lexus Dealer via ebay.

A lot of these mods have been done before but i'm going to try to keep everyone up to date anyway. :)

I hope that this thread will help us learn even more!
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Thanks! I really wish it was sunnier yesterday. The bronze really pops out in the sun lol. Can't wait to wash it and have the body kit on... More waiting :(
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