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The official Lexus CT 200h sites and stories

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For those of you wanting to read and know about every little bit of CT 200h information that is officially sanctioned by Lexus, this article contains a series of useful links.

The first of these, and the most exhaustively informative to date, is the official Press Brochure put out by Lexus for the CT 200h world premiere at the Geneva Auto Show on Tuesday 2 March 2010. This brochure was famously scanned and leaked a week ahead of that date, on 23 February by the <a href="">World Car Fans</a> website (and was also the subject of <A HREF="">'s first-ever Front Page story</A>). For those of you that wish to read it in proper paginated order, <A HREF="">The Lexus Enthusiast</A> has placed the pages in the right sequence (except for pages 4 and 5, but I digress...).

Shortly thereafter, both the official <A HREF="">Lexus pan-Europe</A> and <A HREF="">Lexus Great Britain</A> websites added dedicated and interactive CT 200h pages, which include an unexpected treat: at the lower right, you'll find a link to a YouTube video filmed at the <A HREF="">CT 200h New York Launch Party held at the Skylight West on Tuesday 30 March</A> by none other than our very own Super Moderator Flipside909. If English is not your first language, you'll find a similar page in each of the European national Lexus websites, which are easily accessed via <A HREF="">the Lexus Europe home page</A>. The <A HREF="">public Lexus news section of the Toyota Europe Corporate Site</A> also contains a couple of brief CT 200h-relared PDF documents.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, the Toyota USA Newsroom has set up <A HREF="">a CT 200h page</A> with links to press releases, video and images. The <A HREF="">Toyota Canada Inc. Newsroom</A> also has a similar, albeit more bare-bones page. The consumer Lexus USA site now includes, under its Future/Concept section, <A HREF="">its own CT 200h page</A> that reminds us of the smallest-ever Lexus' "darker side of green" marketing slogan. That page and its links, however, are but a somewhat skimpy prelude to Lexus' official CT 200h-only microsite, which includes the trailer for an upcoming film titled dark ride. Stay tuned, and we'll delve more into that site in an upcoming CT200hForum Front Page story...
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Very cool.. I'll be checking this out for sure.
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