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This author's first Front Page story for was a compilation of links to <A HREF="">official Lexus sites and publications on CT 200h</A>. As an appropriate sequel, we now bring you links to CT 200h-related articles that have appeared on Lexus Magazine.

Longtime U.S. Lexus owners may recall that, for a number of years, Lexus published a quarterly magazine mailed out via free subscription (and also available free of charge at Lexus dealers). The print edition long had an adjunct website featuring the print articles as well as supplementary content, be it written or audio/video. With the Great Recession of 2008, as well as the Internet's ever-growing impact on print media, Lexus discontinued the print edition of Lexus Magazine, leaving it solely as a web-based publication that has featured a number of CT 200h-related articles. Clicking on the story titles in bold italics that follow will take you directly to the Lexus Magazine stories or videos in question.

The webzine's Vehicle Insider section's first loosely CT-themed story appeared on 25 January 2010 and is titled <A HREF="">Small Wonder</A>. This story by Brian Gill and Doug Knox was written after the CT-predicting Lexus LF-Ch concept's appearance at the Detroit Auto Show. Then, on 3 May 2010 appeared a brief Vehicle Insights interview by Doug Knox with CT 200h Chief Engineer "Sam" Sadakata titled <A HREF="">A Darker Side</A>.

The Lexus News section brings more on CT 200h and its predictor concept car, the LF-Ch, starting back in 24 November 2009 when they linked to a YouTube video titled <A HREF="">Design Story of the Lexus LF-Ch concept car</A> that shows us an almost 2-minute synopsis from California's Calty design studio. A follow-up, slightly longer <A HREF="">LF-Ch Video</A> appeared on 17 December 2009. The new year brought yet another video, <A HREF="">Lexus LF-Ch Photo Shoot at Hollywood & Highland...Zero to Hollywood in 90 Seconds</A>. Then a brief 15 March 2010 article titled <A HREF="">Lexus CT 200h Coming to U.S.</A> brought us that bit of welcome news. Returning to video comes <A HREF="">Lexus CT 200h Reviews</A> by cnet Car Tech Editor-at-Large Brian Cooley.

On 12 April 2010, Lexus Magazine linked to Kevin Watts' <A HREF="">Exclusive Interview with Lexus CT 200h Chief Engineer</A> six days earlier, that was, frankly, a more substantive effort than Knox's later effort. Returning to video, 10 May 2010 saw the appearance of CT 200h <A HREF="">Interior Design</A> and <A HREF="">Exterior Design</A> clips. Finally (as of now) comes the <A HREF="">Take Your CT 200h Test Drive</A> write-up that led us to update our own previous <A HREF="">Lexus CT 200h Prototype Driving Event</A> Front Page article.
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