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The Future of Hybrids? Possibly..New Toyota Concept NS4

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Toyota has what appears to be a winner this concept car (will most probably make it's way into a Lexus model too) shown in this video from the Detroit Auto the look of the sleek body and all glass roof. They stress this is not part of the Prius family of future cars but rather a new design that will produce some new models for the company...check out this video:
2013 Toyota NS4 Plug-in Hybrid Concept - 2012 Detroit Autoshow - YouTube!
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I saw this vehicle at the auto-show. It had amazing lines and design but wasn't too thrilled about the paint job. A paint job can really make a concept spark. They had another concept vehicle the FCV with some good design cues, and personally a better paint job. They still don't compare to the LF-LC :p

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This is good to know. Obviously nobody is going to buy a concept with a bad paint job.
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