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The first oil change should be sooner than recommended IMO

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I performed my first DIY oil change on the CT at 6200 miles. It's 9 months old so not a lot of miles since I also drive another vehicle several times a week. I was really surprise at how dark the oil was compared to the new oil. The odor from the oil was a fairly strong burnt note as it was draining, I didn't even have to put my nose too close to the oil. I don't drive my car hard at all.

Knowing this, I wish I had changed it 4,000 miles especially being the first oil change after break in. I know they say that the new cars these days with synthetic should be able to go 10k in between oil changes but I think my next change will be at 5k and will go from there. I have a tendency to keep my cars for a very long time so this is cheap insurance.

I would suggest that those who take it in for the 5k free maintenance pay for an oil change or DIY.

BTW, was there suppose to be a gasket on the drain plug? It was fairly dark under there and didn't see one. Do I believe that they always change the filter housing gasket that comes with filter? I doubt that they bother with it, that's why I DIY.
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I changed mine at 3K, as I usually do for new cars I buy There were visible, tiny metalic flakes seen in the pleats of the filter, and the drained oil showed same. I don't worry about the flakes big enough to be caught by the filter, it is the tiny bits I don't want. Another reason I changed early was to change the OEM drain plug with a magnetized one...the amount of metalic "paste" you find on that drain plug at the next oil change will get your attention. Those tiny particles making up the "paste" can't be good for bearings. Also, I like to know with certainty which brand and viscosity of oil goes in the car....research on Bobistheoilguy gives the highest accolades to Toyota 0-20 oil, so that is what I use. I would like to think that is what they use at the dealer, but I certainly wouldn't bet my life on it.
If I leased the car or traded it in at 30K miles, I wouldn't waste my time or money, but I keep my cars 200K + miles and frequent oil changes will help me get there. I have changed it twice since the initial change at 3K....once at 10K and then at 17K. Next change I will get an oil analysis and have more information as to the best interval for me.
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Anyways, I looked closely this time and saw that there was like a washer or maybe that is the oil drain plug gasket surroung the hole. I could'nt budge it with my fingers, is that the gasket stuck? I'll keep an eye on the garage floor for any leaks.
It is the gasket that goes between the oil pan and the oil drain plug. It can get stuck, but easily pried off with a screwdriver. I wouldn't worry much about it, people often reuse the gasket several times with no problem, but if you see a dribble, this would be my first suspect.
I plan to bring my oil to the dealer at 5k service.
Is Mobile1 0-20W good? Or do you have other recommendations?
Mobil 1 is fine oil, but you might do a little research at to better educate yourself. The Toyota 0-20 gets the highest reviews. Personally, I would let the dealer provide the oil as it is free! you might get a little resistance from them insisting the first change is not until 10K, but just acknowledge you are aware and tell them you want your car to last at least 200K miles.
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