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That first fill up feeling....

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This is my first Hybrid vehicle. I switched from a 04 Ford F-150. I abandon the truck world knowing my Gas use was going to decrease and I was looking forward to it. Well I have had the car for 1 week and gassed it up for the first time. All I can say is YAY! I love the 41MPG that I got plus the fact that I spent $24. to get 7.5 Gallons of fuel. I was spending $75 a week on the truck so I am in heaven.

:cool:Just wanted to share my first gas up feeling. Lets hear some of yours.
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It's a nice feeling... I've had my CT (my first hybrid as well) for about four months and I am still learning how to drive it for better fuel efficiency. I have found my driving to be more Zen-like now, as I do not feel the need to speed, pass cars for no reason or punch the gas pedal. I do not try to "hyper-mile" the gas ( I tried that for a tank and was bored to death) but aim for a nice pleasant experience. All I know is my wife can now take a sip of her travel mug of coffee and not worry about it spilling all over her and the car. My previous car was a MINI, and she had issues with drinking (her coffee) and (my) driving.

Enjoy the CT.
I had the first fill up feeling when I took my CT on the road for a business trip run. We still get the 25p a mile that we've had for the last 12 years, so my last car was getting close to being on parity with that ...

The CT however, is running at about 12.5p a mile :) I'm making a profit again ! :cool: The fill up was just the confirmation :D

(Profit ? Not really - as because it's my car, the extra goes towards ownership, insurance, servicing)

PS I use mine because there's too much hassle with hire cars - company claiming damage you didn't do, variables on picking them up and whatever you get ... our's will be far better.
It's been 15 months for me and I still get that happy feeling each time I fill up as I came from a truck as well!
It took 8.65 gallons to fill up from this point and my last fill up was 19 days prior. I'm loving the mileage this car gets.

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I loved that feeling my first was $29.50 in No Cal compared to $90+ for the Tahoe I traded in... And that's with a discount!
I just filled up for the first time today too! I squeezed $34 into the tank because I thought for sure it needed more. It was a great feeling compared to the $60+ it used to take me to fill my Equinox. I'm loving it!
First fill up today, Put in 9 gal for $37.00. Gas jumped 14 cents since yesterday. Last car would be double the cost for half the miles.
I've been driving mine for a month - 1600 miles. I'm coming from a Honda Accord, so my mileage was good - around 30mpg, but the tank was 16 gallons or so and I would normally put in around 15 gal at time of fill-up (around 450 miles). The first time I filled up the CT, I was shocked to put in only about 7.5 gallons after 400 miles. When the pump stopped, I tried to squeeze more in, but then realized that was it, and it made me smile. I was expecting to see a bit of an improvement from the Honda, but it has been truly awesome to consistently get over 50mpg, especially since I put a lot of miles on a car. My actual mileage since purchase has been 53.3 (I've found that the readout on the dash is about 2mpg better than my calculated actual mileage). As a few others have noted, my driving habits have changed - it has become a bit of a game (though certainly not to the point of incurring road rage in the cars behind me), and does take me a few minutes longer to get places, but I love it. A fantastic car.
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Coming from a Toyota Tundra, I had time to clear my interior of trash and run into the store and grab a drink while my truck filled. I'm still not used to the pump clicking off at 8 or 9 gallons...its awesome!
I just had my first fill up. I usually fill up when I'm down to a 1/4 tank. My Dodge Magnum took mid grade and it was $50+ to fill up. Yesterday I filled up for $25. That made me happy at today's outrageous gas prices.
This is where I start appreciating it more since gas now is over the $4.00 mark here in SoCal, again.
First fill up was after 2 solid weeks of driving. I was actually driving it up to Julian, and forgot that my tank was so small. On my IS when I had a 1/4 tank I could make it up and back, but with the small tank in the CT, I was running dangerously low, and was forced to gas up in Descanso, which is some po-dunk town in the middle of no where. Gas was $4.39 a galon and I didn't even care!! That's how good it feels, even if you're getting RAPED for gas at a po-dunk station, it won't be bad, was only $36 to fill up!
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