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Sydney Aussie New Elysium Blue Sports Premium

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Hi All,

Just heard my new CT should be ready for collection on Tuesday. Traded a old Subaru 3.0R B Spec due to fuel usage for a Sport Premium with F Sport Wheels and Tinted Windows.

Looking forward to not giving Caltex $20 a day and some softer suspension, but not looking forward to the performance drop from the Sports Modified Suspension and 180Kw of the Subaru.

If only they had a DAB+ module for the Lexus I'd be very happy, but still stoked to replace my 3 year old wheels with some new ones :)
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G'day welcome to the economy world....not sure about the softer ride though Trev
Get a bit used to it. Get a few kms. on it. And just for once read the 'Owner's Manual'. If you read this Forum you will see that most of us really love our little CT's, hope you do too.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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