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The VisoMates are an adequate solution,
We should all get them.. It will hopefully shame Lexus in to building them in to future CTs. Doesn't say much for the Lexus brand when the other drivers on the freeway see us on the road with these band-aid sun visor extensions. Wake up Lexus!

On a side note I see you are from Santa Barbara.. A few days ago I just discovered the new Lexus Dealer there.. Was exciting to find out about! Just took my CT in for the Exhaust Gas Valve recall and had the 5k service done. I was very happy with the service guy there and they have nice coffees, snacks and drinks available. Definitely will make the move from the Thousand Oaks which wasn't so good for service last time I went there. Saves me 45 mins or more drive from SLO.

If we all get these sun visor extenders, lets all take tacky photos and post them to the Lexus Facebook page.. Shame them in to making a change.. Oh! maybe we could all just design our own extenders made out of cardboard and breakfast food boxes... Post those photos.. haha :)
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