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I know it was brought up in the larger topic of shortcomings, but these weak a$$ sun visors are annoying. The may be fine when in front, but when on the side they are 60% worthless. I don't understand why they don't extend on the support rod to cover more of the side? Having owned my 2011 CT200 for about a month now, it's really my only major complaint, and such a simple design fix.

Anyway, has anyone come up with a nice solution, aftermarket maybe? I've seen some, but they are mostly cheesy, especially for a brand new Lexus. Maybe there is another option on another Lexus or Toyota model that has this ability and would fit on the CT?

The other question, is there a feedback method to discuss a retrofit redesign with an engineer at Lexus/Toyota? Maybe if enough owners complain they will improve the design, and make it backwards compatible with the 2011 CT?

Thanks all, enjoy!!
No matter how may owners complain about it I don't think Lexus will improve the design and retrofit it to fit on the 2011 CT. Nice thought, but highly unlikely.
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