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Streaks INSIDE windshield?

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I just got my windshield replaced today because a big rock caused a large chip and 3 large cracks. The new windshield is the Lexus OEM windshield. Looks like the installer did an excellent job installing the windshield. However, when I went home and tried to clean it, it won't come clean! It appears that there are streaks actually INSIDE the two layers of glass, is this even possible? I clean from the outside, no change, I clean from the inside, no change. When looking at the glass from the inside, it appears that the streaks are on the outside, and when I look at the glass from the outside it looks like the streaks are on the inside. You can only see them in the right light, or if you shine a flashlight onto the windshield. Then it's really easy to see.

Guess I'm going back tomorrow to have them look at it again.
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The best is to use newspaper, it comes out super clean and streak free. Sounds counter intuitive but try it next time.
+1 to this!
It actually works very well
i believe newspaper works well because it has ammonia in the ink, same ingredient in windex that makes it work well
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