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Hi there forumians

Joined here to look for some wisdom regarding ct200h. I like to give back the love so feel free to ask regarding car cosmetics and detailing as this is mine "weakness" :)

More than two years ago I bought new CT for my wife, mostly for city driving so as expected car has 13kkm on the odometer and works flawlessly. Must say I love the car and tend to use it a lot for stop and go city cruise. Had some exp with older lexuses, always had the make on the radar, found my self able to have one in the garage and did not think twice on crapy vw, reanults or whatever. This is the Lexus for the loove of God! Even entry level is a special car. It is a keeper. I'l just pass it to my daughter when she gets mature enough to get the license :)

Tha car. It is a base model, bought new, my2018 and joined the family ~may 2019. Volcano something 1h9 paint, dark alcantara interior and 16" wheels as a must - my wife drives it in the city, there are curbs and stuff. I put it on conti all season tires even before collection. Good choice for how we use the car.

I tend to overlook my toys so just over the weekend did some clean and wash magic and topped the paint with quartz max from tac system and more importantly did a ceramic coating of the wheels with art de shine wheel coat. It looks kinda good. 1H9 paint loves the glassy glassy, not the waxy waxy looks. For your pleasure some photos below..

Once again, howdy!

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